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Dogs Rules



A unique, stylish and personalised gift designed to remind everyone of your best friend’s house rules.

This beautiful, hand crafted plaque is personalised by including your dog’s name and any personal rules you wish to include.

The following information is all we need to create this beautiful, hand crafted plaque:
Dogs name
Dogs rules
An option to choose more appropriate rules for you and your dog

We’ll then design your plaque for you and a digital proof will be sent to you for your approval.

This plaque is available in one size (8” x 10”) and each individual wooden plaque is hand painted in one of ten beautiful shades. Each plaque comes blank regarding fixings to allow you to hang just how you wish. We can, however apply holes for you at no extra charge (precise instructions need to be given regarding their location which can be done by completing the ‘Fixings' box on the order form). A hanging bracket can also be applied if required.

This plaque can be protected from the outside with a special varnish for an additional £1.00 charge. If you require this, simply click the option when making your purchase.

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