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Simply Me


Simply Me Plaque

A unique, stylish and personalised gift to celebrate any occasion whether for a birthday or quite simply to remind someone of the things they like most in life

The following information is all we need to create this beautiful, hand crafted plaque:
Their name followed by a list of their favourite things.
Along with a choice of words that can make the plaque even more sentimental.

We’ll then design your plaque for you and a digital proof will be sent to you for your approval.

This plaque is available in two sizes (15” x 15” and 22.5” x 22.5”), however the smaller plaque requires much less information so the larger you go, the more information can be added.

Each individual wooden plaque is hand painted in one of ten beautiful shades and comes with its own fixing on the back all ready for it to be hung in its desired place.

How to apply