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How to apply your Wall Quote & hang your Plaque

Wall Quote


Tools Required:

Glass cleaner, squeegee or credit card, masking tape, tape measure &spirit level (not essential)



1. Wash the surface with soap and water.  Spray the surface with a glass cleaner and wipe dry. Freshly painted surfaces should be allowed to dry for 1 week prior to application.


2. Measure where you wish your wall quote to be placed (ensuring you measure from the letters rather than the edges of the quote). Use two or three small pieces of masking tape across the top of the artwork to hold it all in place. Once secure, take one long piece of masking tape and tape across the top of the quote, covering the smaller pieces to create a hinge.  Lift the wall quote upwards and remove the entire backing liner slowly, leaving the lettering on the sticky part and ensuring you keep holding the application tape away from the surface. For larger artwork, once it’s in position, you can cut down the middle (avoiding any wording) to make 2 separate hinges - this will then allow you to work with one half at a time.


3. While holding the application tape away from the surface, use a squeegee or credit card to help in application. Starting at the center of the tape, use your squeegee and apply pressure from the middle to the outward sides in all directions.  This will help with the decal’s adhesion and remove any air bubbles. The harder you squeegee/press the better your artwork will stick.


4. Gently remove the application tape to view your artwork by peeling it back over itself.  Do not pull upward or your artwork will lift.  If you see any of the lettering starting to lift off, then lay back down, squeegee, wait a few minutes, and try again. Sometimes this is easier to use your finger.



To remove old wall quotes, simply peel the lettering from the surface with your fingers. Alternatively you may wish to warm the lettering with a hair dryer.


Displaying/hanging your Plaque


Each plaque comes with a fixing bracket attached to the back to allow you to hang onto your wall.

Various other options are available as an alternative to certain plaques:


* Sticky pads on the back to allow you to stick onto your door or wall.

* String is applied to our heart plaques.

* Drilled holes in your desired place to allow you to fix any way you wish (precise instructions will need to be given regarding the location).


Please 'contact us' should you have any specific requests you wish to discuss further.